barefoot hustle

#Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the entire staircase….🙌🏻

As we prepare to embark on the biggest transition of our lives and move into an RV, the truth is that while we are totally excited, there remains the unknown and #WHATIFS 😳

What IF we don’t like the RV lifestyle we move our family in….

What IF we sell EVERYTHING we own and then realize, SH*T we made a huge mistake and now have NOTHING….(I’m talking shoes, clothes, sofas, weights, beds, tvs, desks, heels, tools, decor…..)

But then again, WHAT IF, by selling everyTHING money can buy, we GAIN what’s MORE….quality, time, freedom, experiences….

Yeah, I think we’ll take the risk…..✌🏼

#BeARiskTaker #LiveYourDream #barefoothustle #OneLifeToLive #SellYourShitAndMoveOn


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