Passion. Light a fire in your a** everyday!

☕️Strength and growth come from continuous effort and struggle..


This beautiful woman right here has supported me on many business ventures, I have always been an entrepreneur at heart and have strived to create extra income so we could do things like take vacations, go out on date nights, pay off bills, you get the jist..

But truth be told we have struggled, couldn’t pay bills month to month, could not go out to dinner, weren’t able to take vacations and as much as this amazing woman supports me 💯 in everything I do, as a man I felt like a failure!!

My advice to anyone out there looking to make extra money or start on your own entrepreneurial journey…
Find a mentor, connect with someone that is in a spot where you want to be.. That is literally living the life you could see yourself living..
Find something that is your passion, that lights a fire in your ass everyday that you can’t wait to get up in the morning and get after it, your passion…

Ang and I have finally aligned ourselves with both!! I have always loved to lead, to teach and empower but yet I am not where I want to be yet.. However people have come into our lives who are there and have taken genuine interest in us and what we are doing. We have found something that is 1000% our passion and has been our lifestyle that we always lived, in fact it’s one of the main things that attracted us as a couple when we first met.. That jest for living life everyday to the fullest, creating life experiences and memories that you will cherish for ever, not things..
We have paid off all of our debt, we are literally living life on our terms, have created real residual income and yes I can take this hot ass wife of mine on a kick ass date night and not have to worry about if our card is going through✌️

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