b e c o m i n g m e ❤️


The  a u t h e n t i c  s e l f  is the
S O U L made visible. 🙌🏼

love this quote so much. this is why I share so openly on social media. I want to inspire women to B E C O M E their O W N. ❤️

Personally, I have felt unauthentic for a quite a few years when I got breast implants in my 20s. They have never been mine. I have never felt comfortable with them so I’ve have felt uncomfortable & unauthentic with them in my skin.

BUT, I am SO FKN EXCITED to share that my EXPLANT surgery is coming up on 1/24!

T A T A tata’s ! ! ! 👋🖕🏼👋

Ladies, we are EXACTLY who we are supposed to be and that’s BRILLIANT!
I know we all want to FEEL beautiful, but I am learning to accept this comes from deep beneath our skin and exudes thru our souls.
B E A U T Y R A D I A T E S.
It’s truly our souls shining a bright ray onto others and allowing other people to FEEL that confidence. That is beautiful.

It’s a process but I do wish that in 2018, the contagious feeling takes effect and everybody just FKN SHINES! 🌞

#passionatepottymouth #TATAtatas #becomingME #2018

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