W a n d e r ..don’t w o n d e r 🚐

My S O U L is so H A P P Y. 🙌🏼


Can you imagine just living and smiling from the depths of your soul? 🙌🏼

I’m not talking living day to day, but REALLY EXPERIENCING new LIVmoments everyday!?

Not being strapped to a house payment but instead taking your home on the road?

Not allowing a plan to dictate your days but letting a little spontaneity into your spirit and being led where the universe leads you?

As many of you know, 6 mos ago when my youngest son moved back to Chicago, it was a very difficult and transitional time for us. Not knowing what to do or where to go, we decided to sell all our belongings and move into an RV- clutter free.

We weren’t sure where the road would lead, but we knew that we wanted to create a life filled with experiences and memories. We also wanted to find a place where we would eventually buy a home or maybe even build so traveling in our RV around Florida would be the perfect opportunity to achieve these goals!

We parked our RV on a waterfront lot for 6 mos, and it was beautiful but it wasn’t where we wanted to ‘live’ for good so it was time for us to encounter a new experience.

So what’s The Koerner’s to do? We decided to go on an unknown adventure and go Boondocking. 😜

I have to say I have fallen even deeper in love with this journey! I’m addicted. I laugh because we have  friends that ask “Have you found a place to live yet?” Lol THATS just the thing- We are LIVING! We are living & experiencing new adventures EVERY SINGLE DAY!

We are at this amazing Florida state park that has trails, observatory decks, parks, bonfires w s’mores, horses, canoeing, star gazing! 💫Omgoodness, I even got to hang my laundry outside on a clothesline, which is my FAVORITE way to do laundry! (And I HATE laundry! Lol)

I hope this is a sweet Sunday reminder to create many LIVmoments this week with a fire in your soul! 🔥


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