L i v e y o u r d a s h ! ! !


Seems like a simple reminder, right!?           LIVE. YOUR. DASH! YES….We tell ourselves that’s going to start NOW! TODAY! STAT! PRONTO!

But FIRST, you have work, laundry, (and a little bit of social media scrolling in between loads) dishes, sweeping, mopping, (social media) making of the beds, grocery shopping (ahhh, and just a little bit more of that social media fix before you go into the store😜) then it’s time to put the groceries away, make dinner & do the damn dishes- AGAIN! By the time you even have a chance to LIVE, you’ve barely made it through your daily chores and living! RIGHT!?

I know, I totally get it. I mean, LIVING OUR DASH is the main reason Steve & I ditched the HOUSE and EVERYTHING in it.

All the rooms, additional space & clutter that we needed to fill it up. The master with the bathroom, the balcony leading off the bedroom was an added bonus for sure (that we never used) The kids rooms, their bathroom (oh yeah that was a must that ended up as another bathroom for me to clean!) Our spacious living room filled w cute ‘fixer upper inspired’ decor, the dining room with an awesome wood table (that took months to find!) cluttered with school work, mail & junk, the kitchen (well, that’s a definite must) office (turned disaster during many times) guest bedroom, guest bathroom, (wonderful, another toilet to clean) lanai (that we rarely used) and a garage filled w shit and storage!

Yep, we ditched all that for a 36ft class a RV. 😜

It’s been transitional. We’ve had our ups and downs for sure. I mean, I miss closet space, my bathtub, my workout space and large refrigerator. BUT, what I’ve gained in return is TIME.


We just finished up our week 3 of ‘BOONDOCKING’ and I have to say, we are having a BLAST experiencing different areas of Florida, exploring the State Parks, canoeing, spending more time at the parks, playing tag, alligator hunting, (just kidding) flower picking, bonfires & s’mores!


During week 3, We traveled to Lake Louisa (near Orlando) where I was able to work & visit my Orlando accounts. 👠👠 On the weekend, we took the little lady to Disney for her birthday! (Courtesy of someone very special to us! ❤️ THANK YOU! You know who you are!) We even spent the night in a Walmart parking lot with about 5 other RVers! (That was seriously so much fun!)



We visited my son in StPete (I’m sure he’s ready to kick us out by the end of our visit! Lol) and then made our way back south toward Jonathan Dickenson State Pk.

Sure, we still have our daily chores, we still hustle & work, but we’ve learned that the LIVmoments that we create each day are so much more important to make up that little dash in between the dates of our lives; birthdate – date of death.

How you LIVE THAT DASH is up to you. It’s life by design. My favorite quote after the unexpected passing of my mom became,

‘The trouble is, you think you have time.’ Buddha. ❤️

I hope that TODAY, in between your chores, your to do list, that you get this ‘tap on your shoulder’ reminder to create a LIVmoment for yourself. 10 minutes to do WHATEVER it is that will fill the soul of you, your honey, your kids, your dog, cat, parents! Maybe it’s a phone call to say I ❤️ You. Maybe it’s a cartwheel outside with your daughter, maybe it’s a video game with your son, maybe it’s throwing a stick w your dog, or a 5 minute pillow talk with your spouse.

Make the BEST out of your dash! xo 😘

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