You live in a what!? #RVLiving

You know what I love? The shock factor. 😜


HoneyHotAss and I will be out to dinner or somewhere and people will ask questions like “Oh how long have you been in Florida? Where do you live? What do you do?”

And I have to say my FAVORITE part of my story is when I tell them that we
live on an 🌴 island in a RV! 😆

I love to watch people’s reaction.

Most L😍VE it and ask questions…it sincerely intrigues them.

And then there are the couple who are uncomfortable. 😳 Who hurry to change the subject, you can see judgement in their expression and conversation over.
You can see that in their close minded thoughts, we are just not at their standard of living. 😉

Yet, those are the ones I love to inspire most, because our standard of living is to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.❤️

Our decision to live in an RV is a CHOICE. We could CHOOSE to spend thousands of dollars to live in a 🏡… and we have. We’ve owned, we’ve rented, we lived paycheck to paycheck to pay bills, to have more, to buy more.
But we decided over a year ago that you know what, let’s see where our journey leads. Let’s sell the clutter & shit, simplify & LIVE.

So that’s what we did and now we live in a 36ft Class A RV. 🚎

We have a continued hunger for freedom. We want to live for a purpose. We know that we have ONE LIFE TO LIVE & our goal is to live it with adventure and passion!

Remember, all that clutter that we spend THOUSANDS of dollars on- isn’t going to heaven with you. But the MEMORIES from experiences will. Xo

#CreateALegacy 👣 #BESTDAYEVER #LivMoments 🙌🏼 #RVLIFE 🌴 #RVLiving
#JeepLife #BarefootHustle

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