To be present in the moment… 🙌


This moment right here with my #honeyhotass was a fave although there were so many great ones captured in the memory bank…❤

This was a moment of just sinking into a hug. It felt good. It was a moment of just BEING.

I came to Cancun a mess… seriously. Running at such a fast pace & not being present in the moment bc I was constantly thinking of the next- The next thing on my to do list.

I haven’t seen ava in about 2.5 weeks except to crawl next to her sweet little body at night when she was already asleep. Steve had been running the show- #MrMom

It had taken its toll on me.

Emotionally, spiritually, physically.

So, I’m leaving Cancun with a new purpose. A purpose that will serve my soul. Inspired with a fire in the belly passion that is so fkn lit.

When serving your purpose, never forget that we all go to heaven w our pockets empty….fill your heart and soul with laughter, joy & moments. Dont trade that for anything at any cost.

#be #love #livcancun

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