The Journey or the Destination?

Do you embrace the spontaneous moments of your journey or are you more focused on the plan of your destination?

Maybe you’re a SUPERST🌟R planner. Everything you do is mapped out. You take the time to create the most beautiful excel sheets with all the details and timeline of your ‘planned vacation..’ and sister, you are so damn proud that everyone has a copy of the agenda. 📝

EVERYTHING is bullet pointed with dates & times, like the exact time of arrival, pit stops along the way; inclusive of exit numbers, where to eat, what time to eat, how many bathroom breaks you are allowed… yadda, yadda, yadda… or WORSE have you ever traveled with this person?

Omgoodness, the anxiety you feel when you tell them that you have to pull off the next exit ramp and go to the bathroom! 🙈🙉🙊 Like, omg, I am so sorry I’m a fkn human being and my body functions by releasing fluids through urinating. 😳

And Dear Lord, 🙏 if something doesn’t play out to the plans, holy shit, vacation ruined! BUT WHY?

Somehow, you are so focused on the perfected plan of the destination that you cannot allow yourself to be present and enjoy the spontaneous moments that make up the most beautiful journey.


Maybe your the complete opposite to a fault like me, which I’m sure freaks some out! Lol I’m probably not the norm and its alright, quite honestly, I love being different. I’m a pretty spontaneous free spirit. I dont like to plan everything, especially when I’m going to a new destination which can lead to many unforeseen instances:-)

Usually when we travel or even if I’m traveling for work, I wont book a hotel until I’m there. I like to feel out the energy & vibe of a location and let it lead me to where I’m supposed to be.

To me, THAT is the ABSOLUTE best! 🙌

This is where I find all the hidden treasures. This is where I find we capture all the best moments that make up our favorite memories.

Have you ever planned a hotel in an unknown location, got there and thought, “Man, I like the other one across the street better?”

My point EXACTLY!!! 😂🤣

True story, the first time that I drove my son to college in Missouri; Mom & Son trip, I figured we would just wait till we arrived to the town to find a hotel… I mean it’s a college town, so there has to be hotels avail right?!

Well, imagine my surprise when we pull up and I discovered there were none.. we were in the middle of no man’s land! 😬 #WentworthMilitaryCollege

It was definitely off the beaten path. Unfortunately, on this particular day there were storms, tornado warnings, sirens going off and with no where to go, we ended up needing to take cover underneath the awning of a bank! ⛈🌪

We had no idea where we were or where we were going, but I’ll tell you one thing, it’s one of the best stories in our books of life!!

My son may not have thought so then or now, but one day he will smile at the memory when he’s reflecting back on the legacy that I wish to leave in my children lives. #alwaysliveyourbestlife

That trip, we laughed, I cried, he was pissed, I laughed more, we explored, we lived, we survived, I left, I cried more and NOW I reflect back and smile. ❤

I have to say, I know that sounds pretty scary, but we were obviously fine and the memories from that entire trip will always hold a special place in my heart.

Funny, he is actually the same as I am now. He just recently went to Japan not knowing what freaking hotel he was staying in til he arrived!! #likemommalikeson

The point? This is your life. LIVE IT! ENJOY IT! Dont get caught up in the perfection of the details. You have one life to live and everyday you are on this earth, you have a brand new shot at creating the most incredible memories!

Okay, so I know to some those may be a bit outrageous and too far out on the limb so here’s another story for ya….

Recently, one spontaneous Sunday morning as I rolled out of bed, Steve looked at me and asked “Wanna take a road trip to go look at some RVs?”

Okay, mind you, I dont think I even had coffee yet, but he is so damn cute that all I heard was “Sure!” roll off of my tongue.

Laundry was done, dishes were clean, bed was made so we packed up our barefoot blondie, sandwiches, snacks, water and on the journey we embarked.

Road trip it is! 🚍

At one point during our road trip, I thought, you know we cannot drive 3.5hrs away and not discover the #1 thing to do in the area! So, like the super sleuth that I am, I found a place called Silver Springs State Park and after minutes of researching, I discovered that we could go on a glass bottom boat ride thru the springs!

How cool is that!?

Well I thought so too and while I thought I was pretty freaking awesome for proposing this experience, imagine Steve’s face when I told him my plan lol…. he looked at me, the least bit entertained, shaking his head, and said “I have a business call….”

WTF!? #PassionatePottyMouth

After a few chosen words to prove my point to my honeyhotass as to WHY we needed to go, guess who ended up enjoying the boat ride?

Yep, this guy right here! #yourewelcome

Ava was so excited that she compared the experience to that of one of the Life In The Dreamhouse Barbie episodes she saw. Awe! #Score

We traveled around the spring on a vessel with a clear bottom in order to view life underwater.

We saw turtles up close like they wanted to give us a smooch, beautiful natural springs, colorful fish, 9ft alligators and including a baby alligator, birds, discovered Native American artifacts and saw movie props from the days Hollywood productions flourished in the park!

You guys, this was the unexpected highlight of our day! It was truly the simple and spontaneous things that made this road trip a beautiful journey.

Driving a golf cart looking at RVs, making wishes by the fountain, skipping through a state park, blowing kisses to turtles, watching Steve love every second! (While being tempted to say I told you so… 😜)

Instead of focusing on ONLY the destination, we intentionally decided to be present in the journey and you know what made it worth it?

That smile on Avas face, the joy in her sweet spirit, the love she exuded from her heart. This is what life’s all about…

My tip? I would highly encourage you that the next time you take a trip, give yourself permission to take a detour from the plan and embrace the spontaneity of the journey.

Remember your attitude is the paintbrush of your mind which makes up all the little moments of your life. You, and only YOU, are who you will allow yourself to be.

#livespontaneously #livmoments #silversprings #createmoments #roadtripping

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