In the time of your life, LIVE.

Not too long ago Steve and I were driving around looking for our new lot to park our RV on the island.

#HomeIsWhereYouParkIt 🚍

We drove past a BEAUTIFUL waterfront lot 🏝 that had a for rent sign in the yard, a boat dock AND a deck on the water!! It was one of those moments where you just KNEW this spot was meant for you and it was calling our names for sure. πŸ™Œ

A sweet, older retired lady saw us peeking and jotting down the number on the sign so she came by to talk to us.

Turns out, she and her husband were newly retired, had just embarked on their RV journey and were renting the lot during the winter season.

She exclaimed how much they loved it here and that they have already reserved the lot for the next winter….and the next.

Ahhhh, ofcourse they have..#snowbirds

As we were exchanging stories, we shared with her that 2 years ago we purged everything and have been have been full time RVers, making a living to LIVE OUR BEST LIFE!

She looked at us and said “WOW, You guys are truly blessed and living life at such a young age!” She explained that her & her husband would love to be full time however her daughter is a single mom who struggles raising her children so they go back in the summer to help her out.

It was this very moment, it really resonated with Steve and I how truly blessed we felt to be living a life many wait until they are retired to live!

The truth is, we have also experienced struggle. I was a single mom of 3 boys, Steve was a single dad. We’ve busted our asses, trading our personal time for work in order to provide for our families.

Yet, it is from our struggles, that we have seen the most reward. It is through these experiences, that we have now created the freedom & life we want to live.

Right now, ask yourself, if today was your last day, IN THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE, did you live the life you loved?

What are you waiting for? ❀

Unfortunately, for some who choose to wait for SOMEDAY…that day never comes which is WHY you have to intentionally *SHIFT YOUR SCRIPT now!

There is a pattern that we all are subconsciously aware of. πŸ€”

Fill in the blanks…..

We are taught to go to school to get good ______ so we can get into a good _______ and get a good _______.

We get a degree to get a good ____ and make good ______ for a living.

Then we meet the love of our lives and get _____, start a _____.

Be sure to save our ______ so when we eventually _______ , we can start living the _____ of our dreams. πŸ™Œ

Alright, if you DONT know the words that fill in the blanks, good for you! (Answer key at bottom)

If you DO, ask yourself, why do we all know the same script when we all have different passions, dreams, interests & goals!

Rather than waiting for the perfect moment, TAKE the moment and MAKE it perfect!

That book that has forever been on your mind, WRITE it.

That business you have been wanting to launch, START it.

That skill you have been wanting to gain, LEARN it.

You guys, we have to STOP waiting bc we are not PROMISED time. In fact the problem is, you think you have time. ⏰

If you are spending it at work, but aren’t not passionate about your job, ask yourself how can I make it more meaningful until I can find something that fuels my core? πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Start somewhere and remain grateful. Start small. Maybe start w a side hustle like we did, but whatever you do, start TODAY.

No matter WHAT you do, DO what you love & BE who you ARE.


Hey, thanks for following our journey. We are Lifestyle Influencers who have turned our passion for RV🚐 life, travel 🌍 & bucketlist experiences into our barefoot πŸ‘£ hustle.

We’d love to connect! ✌

Email us at

As if you didnt know, the Answer Key:

We go to school to get good GRADES so we can get into a good COLLEGE and to get a good EDUCATION.

We can get a degree to get a good JOB and make good MONEY for a living.

Then we meet the love of our lives and get MARRIED, start a FAMILY.

Be sure to save our MONEY so when we eventually RETIRE we can start living the LIFE of our dreams. ✌

**** Shift Your Script is inspired by Blake Mallen…. our millionare mentor, innovator and creator! Hands down a super awesome guy! You should totally follow him:-)

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