What IS your point of difference….?

A career mentor once said to me…

“Ang, there will always be someone prettier than you. Someone more educated than you. Someone richer than you….

But there will NEVER be another YOU…”

I have always remembered that and her words have stuck w me as I was in the competitive, beginning stages of my career. ❤

I have realized through my growth that while this is true, my biggest POINT OF DIFFERENCE is that there will NEVER be anyone with a greater
F I R E 🔥 I N T H E 🔥 B E L L Y than me.

You guys, there will NEVER be anyone with a greater PASSION and insane DESIRE to succeed YOUR goals, conquer YOUR dreams, LIVE life by YOUR DESIGN.

🔥 Its knowing that your beauty is unique, authentic & natural, created only for YOU, individually!

🔥 It’s knowing that your pursuit in personal growth & business education will always be a continuous effort! The prestigious university does not need to define your level of wisdom, wealth or education.

🔥 Its defining what RICH means to you and knowing you have been created to LIVE your ONE life and EVERYDAY you have a new opportunity to DESIGN the DAY you want to LIVE!

I hope this inspires you to OWN YOUR DAY and know, there will NEVER BE ANOTHER YOU!! 🌟

I hope that FUELS you to go SPRINKLE your SPIRIT into the world! xoxox

Please leave a comment. I’d love to hear, what is YOUR point of difference? What passion fuels you!?

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