Never have I ever….

You guys, NEVER HAVE I EVER imagined that one day I would have the opportunity & the freedom to homeschool my daughter. EVER. πŸ™Œ

It was a dream of mine.🌟

For over 20+ years I hustled my ass, trading my time with my family for my career. Working my way to a 6figure income, for someone else.

Pouring my energy & my personal time to meet deadlines of my organization, my managers, my retail partners, my trainings, my customers, my events, my firedrills, my meetings, my travels; cancelations & delays, my traffic jams, my caseline schematics, my stock, my freelance scheduling, my storage unit, the boxes….πŸ™ˆ

By the time I got home, most often my energy was drained to say the least, yet who was waiting for me was what mattered most!

Yet, on MANY occasions, I’d still have more ‘office work’ that I still needed to complete!

So Id go about the evening, rushing & stressing to do dinner, homework, clean up… usually still in my work clothes up until bedtime.

I’d get the kids in bed, change and then sneak back into my office till I couldn’t anymore.

I look back on that and wish I would never have sold my personal time. It’s simply not for sale.

Through time & keeping an open mind to opportunies that have presented themselves to me, here I am now.


Living the RVlife, on an island, building a home based business, mentoring team of firecrackers, and INVESTING my time in the one who will one day become an entrepreneur herself.

Todays agenda:
Homeschool by the water…
Nature walk, phonics & reading, math & learning her currency…

Tonight’s agenda:
Mentorship with those looking for a lifestyle transformation. πŸ™‚

Message me for deets! Xo

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