Who you can become…


“Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that make him sick.” Hippocrates 🙌

AHHHH! The thing is, I want to empower every fkn woman who walks this planet to be the best version of herself. In ways that you cannot even imagine!

So often we resort to comfort. Most often out of the anxiety of our fears. The unknown holding us back. Fearing change & never growing.

I often look through the lens of a new perspective… 👀 not through the hindsight of where you may have been… but foresight of what you can become based on my personal experiences and the beauty of life i see you hold in your potential.

I always refer to women, bc I know that a women who feels complete, confident, empowered and inspired is a POWERFUL mom! I believe a powerful mom raises powerful, secure children.

♥️I was that single mom.
♥️I know the struggles 1st hand.
♥️I FELT the pain.
♥️I have seen the struggles passed onto my children.
♥️I live with mom guilt.

Yet here I am… I persevered. I grew. I changed. Here I am, little ole me, living the life I DREAMED but never imagined possible…..

until I designed it.🙌

I know that’s my fire, my why, not yours. Sometimes I need to reflect and be present with myself. I know silence is power.

I know I will not change the world, but if I can IMPACT YOURS, and you pay it forward… it becomes a cycle.

Eventually the legacy will have an impact! Xo

#thoughts #nofilter #Hippocrates

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