Leadership Model….

Yesterday at church our pastor said “Take God home with you…every morning read the scripture for 5 min, pray for 5 min, listen to music for 5…”

So today I fed my spirit w that. 🙏

This morning the scripture i read was on choosing a leadership model.

God is good let me tell you. ♥️ He put a smile on my face and in my heart.

Its funny how He put the topic of leadership in my lap this morning because Steve & I have been completely blessed with the most incredible leaders and team within our community based industry! 🙌

We just came off an incredible weekend toasting with our CEO at his Miami penthouse… who happens to be the most genuine, humble & successful LEADER.. 🌟

Last night i just hosted a Cocktails & Convo with the top female leaders in our organization who poured their hearts & knowledge into likeminded women looking to make a bigger impact in life!😍

Todays scripture has really has prompted me to reflect upon myself not only as a business leader but as a parent.

I am responsible for not only BEING but FINDING good models to emulate. Not just for my future, but for this girl.

It makes me think about this little lady and how shes growing up so fast. How she mimics me. How she wants to be just like me.♥️

And it forces me to ask myself… if i were HER, would i want to follow ME as a leader? Am i a good role model?

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you reflect on yourself a parent or perhaps your in the process of looking for a circle of women to empower YOU.

🌟 Does my leaders life DESERVE a following?
🌟Does my leader HAVE a following?
🌟What is the STRENGTH that influences others to follow my leader?
🌟Does my leader reproduce other leaders?
🌟Is my models strength reproducible in my life?
🌟What steps must intake to develop & demonstrate those strengths?

Find a leader.
Find a mentor.
Find a good model.

More importantly, if your raising one, BE ONE.♥️

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