Level up, momma ✨

I am completely humbled and honored to have received a message this morning that read…

“Ok Girl… Single Mama over here needing to shift gears. Suggestions on leveling up???”

To that person who sent me that message, 1st of all, THANK YOU. Thank you for reaching out to me. Thank you for empowering me today. Thank you for reminding me WHY i love what I do. Thank you for allowing me to use what has plagued me and to use it as a beautiful opportunity to impact your life and other lives in anyway i can. ❤️

As women and as moms, I know we do our absolute best in raising our children. We lead with the greatest intention of all; LOVE. We make the best decisions at the time yet sometimes we look back at those choices in life and wish we could go back & change it.

We hustle through our days working and come home to homework, household chores, dinner, cleanup, in my case with 3 boys; the occasional jumping, fighting and then more office work after their bedtime.

Exhausted, we look forward to bedtime, yet when they are tucked in, we MELT when we look at those peaceful faces with so much love & adoration.

We wake up and repeat. Wake up and repeat… Until one day, they are all grown up and you wish that you could just go back for ONE MORE snuggle, one more bedtime book, one more night of prayers together, one more conversation, one more sweet i love you.

When our heads hits the pillow, us moms pray over our families. We reminisce on the memories. The joy. The experiences. The time. The laughter. The mom guilt. ❤️

So as a mom who was a single mom and has persevered thru many obstacles in my life, and for anyone else looking for advice.. here’s what i shared.

“Ahh! thank you so much for reaching out sister! ❤️ I’m so touched. xo My BIGGEST advice EVER to my younger single momma self….

Is to PAUSE & be still in the moment w my children. I would have shut off the noise & distractions in my head and focused on being more present in my conversations with them instead of always thinking ahead; about what i needed to do next, the dishes, the laundry, the chores, work.

I would’ve set a schedule. I was always flying by the seat of my pants… i don’t know if i was coming or going with my hectic schedule. Kids need & love schedules & consistency. I think this would’ve helped them a lot!

I wish i would have set boundaries with my job. I didn’t. I prioritized my work schedule over my family schedule.😞 I think that’s why i’m so passionate about the options of working from home, building a brand for yourself & pulling from the clouds of social media to build your business & monetize conversations!

Also, Don’t feel guilty about self care. You need to fuel your core; your body, your mind, your spirit in order to pour from your soul my friend.

Hey not sure your faith in God, but I heard this message at church this week and it was too powerful not to share w you❤️ Keep this at the forefront of your mind to keep a smile in your heart!👇🏼

“It can’t get any better than this.” 💯

While i realize that may be difficult to understand right now, it helps to take a moment to focus on Gods PURPOSE, not on your PROBLEMS. Focus on the OPPORTUNITIES not the OBSTACLES. Not tying Gods purpose for your life to something temporary that’s in your life.🙏🏼

I’m so fkn passionate about this. Being a single momma has plagued my soul and if I can help impact you, please don’t ever hesitate to reach out!

So if you are reading this… maybe this is you.

I LIGHT 💡 UP over this conversation because if I can HELP YOU live your purpose, on your schedule, you will raise HAPPIER children who will THRIVE in this world 🌍.

There are options. SHIFT THE SCRIPT you have been following & level up. ❤️ xo

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