A daughters love…

Do you see the way she is looking at me?

I remember this moment.

It absolutely made me cringe.

I was so mad at her. I had so much animosity built up in my heart against her that I did not appreciate this moment w her.

I couldn’t even look at this picture until after she passed.

It was ONLY at that time did i appreciate & feel the love pour from her soul.

It was also the time that I felt an OVERWHELMING SENSE OF GUILT!

She was proud of me. She loved me. She was my person who protected me, who shielded me, she was the other piece to my soul, she was the one who had the best intentions yet not always the best choices-

She was also the one that was so easy to direct my anger & blame at.

From about adolescence thru my adulthood, i blamed her for everything.

Why didn’t you raise my brother, sister & i together?
Why did you keep me from my biological dad & family?
Why were you always asleep?
Why did you always make plans w me & cancel?
Why didn’t you shop for my graduation dress w me?
Why didn’t you spend time w me growing up?
Why did you sleep thru my high school years?
Why did you allow yourself to become addicted to opioids?
Why were you always sick?
Why didn’t you come w me to look at my 1st apartment?
Why didn’t you come to your bday dinner i planned for you & our 1st night in Mexico?

This is a very hard post for me to write.
In fact I can barely type thru my tears.

But this is important. I’m not sharing bc i want smoke blown up my ass. I’m sharing bc if i can take what is plaguing me and impact you, i will.

Please listen to me.

I know your life is about YOU.

You have your experiences, your happenings…

But understand that we are all humans journeying through life. Even your parents.

As shitty or as wonderful as they are/were.

Don’t allow yourself to play victim.

UNDERSTAND Your mom is MORE than just your mom. She is a woman. She has grown thru life. She has experiences that you may not know about that have wounded her and she has persevered. She has fought. More often than not, for you.

In ways you will NEVER know.

My mom was wounded. She had 3 children by the time she was 20. She was physically abused by her husband who spent time in Vietnam War and came back wounded himself. My mom loved love. She had a light in her heart with a dark past. She was beautiful. She was funny. She made people laugh. People enjoyed being around her. I remember being jealous of that, bc i wanted her to be around me.

The thing is, we all have a story.
Stories filled with choices. intentions. Storms. Experiences. Happiness. Highs. Lows. Victories. Regrets. Sorrow. Guilt. Truth. Lies.

We are all on this journey of discovery.

To love ourselves. To heal through pain.

You don’t have to be defined by your parents stories.

Create your own.

I strongly believe that the truth you continue to feed yourself is based on your perception only. Unless you take the time to UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER, you will continue to live one sided. Allow yourself to grow from your childhood and personal experiences.
Ask questions. It’s okay.

I need to share this because this has plagued my heart in so many ways.

On Easter of 2016 I called my mom out of obligation to wish her a Happy Easter.

She didn’t answer. She was upset w me.

A few days later she passed.

I’ll always wonder if she died sad. Did she pass with regret of not being able to say i love you ONE MORE TIME!

I FORGIVE my mom for everything I thought she was NOT, I am GRATEFUL for everything she WAS and i LOVE EVERY PIECE OF HER HEART & SOUL! xo

And i believe she forgave me. ❤️

Thank you for listening to my heart today.

Who says you can’t chase your dreams? The one who doesn’t pay your bills?

Here’s me knocking on your social media screen📱

“Knock knock”

“Who’s there.”



Inspiring others. Motivating others. Uplifting others. Building others. 💯

This is MY WHY. 👇🏼

When you Feed the soul of a woman, it INSPIRES & EMPOWERS her to shine! Her light then reflects upon her children & family and allows happiness, joy & peace into their lives!


I know from experience that you can change your circumstance. You just have to know you are worthy. You have to trust. You have to believe. You have to take that 1st step.

This online business opportunity allows me to HELP others on their healthy journey while being paid for sharing what i already LOVE & would’ve shared ANYWAYS!

It FUELS MY CORE and i can’t stop, won’t stop! And you should partner w me! ✨

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Level up, momma ✨

I am completely humbled and honored to have received a message this morning that read…

“Ok Girl… Single Mama over here needing to shift gears. Suggestions on leveling up???”

To that person who sent me that message, 1st of all, THANK YOU. Thank you for reaching out to me. Thank you for empowering me today. Thank you for reminding me WHY i love what I do. Thank you for allowing me to use what has plagued me and to use it as a beautiful opportunity to impact your life and other lives in anyway i can. ❤️

As women and as moms, I know we do our absolute best in raising our children. We lead with the greatest intention of all; LOVE. We make the best decisions at the time yet sometimes we look back at those choices in life and wish we could go back & change it.

We hustle through our days working and come home to homework, household chores, dinner, cleanup, in my case with 3 boys; the occasional jumping, fighting and then more office work after their bedtime.

Exhausted, we look forward to bedtime, yet when they are tucked in, we MELT when we look at those peaceful faces with so much love & adoration.

We wake up and repeat. Wake up and repeat… Until one day, they are all grown up and you wish that you could just go back for ONE MORE snuggle, one more bedtime book, one more night of prayers together, one more conversation, one more sweet i love you.

When our heads hits the pillow, us moms pray over our families. We reminisce on the memories. The joy. The experiences. The time. The laughter. The mom guilt. ❤️

So as a mom who was a single mom and has persevered thru many obstacles in my life, and for anyone else looking for advice.. here’s what i shared.

“Ahh! thank you so much for reaching out sister! ❤️ I’m so touched. xo My BIGGEST advice EVER to my younger single momma self….

Is to PAUSE & be still in the moment w my children. I would have shut off the noise & distractions in my head and focused on being more present in my conversations with them instead of always thinking ahead; about what i needed to do next, the dishes, the laundry, the chores, work.

I would’ve set a schedule. I was always flying by the seat of my pants… i don’t know if i was coming or going with my hectic schedule. Kids need & love schedules & consistency. I think this would’ve helped them a lot!

I wish i would have set boundaries with my job. I didn’t. I prioritized my work schedule over my family schedule.😞 I think that’s why i’m so passionate about the options of working from home, building a brand for yourself & pulling from the clouds of social media to build your business & monetize conversations!

Also, Don’t feel guilty about self care. You need to fuel your core; your body, your mind, your spirit in order to pour from your soul my friend.

Hey not sure your faith in God, but I heard this message at church this week and it was too powerful not to share w you❤️ Keep this at the forefront of your mind to keep a smile in your heart!👇🏼

“It can’t get any better than this.” 💯

While i realize that may be difficult to understand right now, it helps to take a moment to focus on Gods PURPOSE, not on your PROBLEMS. Focus on the OPPORTUNITIES not the OBSTACLES. Not tying Gods purpose for your life to something temporary that’s in your life.🙏🏼

I’m so fkn passionate about this. Being a single momma has plagued my soul and if I can help impact you, please don’t ever hesitate to reach out!

So if you are reading this… maybe this is you.

I LIGHT 💡 UP over this conversation because if I can HELP YOU live your purpose, on your schedule, you will raise HAPPIER children who will THRIVE in this world 🌍.

There are options. SHIFT THE SCRIPT you have been following & level up. ❤️ xo


Take what is plaguing you and use it as a beautiful opportunity to impact the world 🌎

Awe, by far my favorite quote. #jairekrobbins

For me, my heart was plagued when my mom unexpectedly passed.

My mom was my 1st and GREATEST TEACHER and it was in her death that taught me the most significant LESSON in my life.


You see, the trouble is you think you have time… ⏰ until you don’t.

It was in this moment of my life that marked a new beginning for me. It was the beginning of a new journey that I would give back and share with others.

I’ve always known I had a gift, a Gods gift to to inspire, to empower, to lead others to their absolute best self…

But while my focus was pouring into the cups of others on a more topical level, my energy & time into my own family was being jeopardized.

So i knew that i needed to shift deeper, fueling the core of myself & others thru beauty within, health & wellness, so that’s exactly what i did.

Maybe you are looking to do the same.

💫Maybe you need TIME FREEDOM.

💫Maybe your looking for a HEALTHIER lifestyle.

💫Maybe your looking for a positive COMMUNITY.

💫Maybe your looking for the opportunity to EARN extra cash by sharing what you already love.

💫Maybe your just looking to help impact someone’s life and in turn changing your own!

💫Maybe you realize a good business opportunity when you see it and know that with the CURRENT ONLINE MARKET DEMAND partnered with the #2 GOOGLED health & wellness question- it only makes sense to MONETIZE the conversation!!! $$$

If that’s you, let’s connect.

Or maybe not… ❤️

In any event, you have a story. Share it to lift others and in turn you will RISE. xo 😘

Tips to rock your day when you just don’t feel like it ❤️

Here’s my tips, from my own experience of waking up w the worst headache and feeling funky! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

  1. Get ready! Turn on a podcast, listen to some music, brush your teeth, wash your face, put some coconut oil on your skin, mascara on your lashes and put on your workout clothes to set your intention!
  2. Meditate! Visualize what you want to accomplish. Repeat positive affirmations as you talk to yourself and prioritize your day!
  3. Exercise! Your body. Your mind. And while your at it, surround yourself around people who LIFT you, not deter you. This will give you positive energy!!
  4. Fuel your Core within! This is body, mind & spirit! Eat real food. Drink ketones daily for energy, clarity & well to just burn your own fat for fuel! Read. Turn off the news. Don’t get sucked into negative social media posts. Remember, your opinion doesn’t count- only your actions do:-)

AND Go rock your day!! xo 😘

GREEN smoothie every morning! 🍃

🍃Green represents the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, and environment.

And as a BONUS, is also associated with money, finances and ambition!

I’ll drink to that!

I’m not the ‘creator’ of the Glowing Green Smoothie, but I am obsessed with the woman who is… Kimberly Snyder.

She is a nutritionist, renowned speaker, personal development expert, meditation teacher, certified yoga instructor and holistic wellness expert.

If you don’t have her book The Beauty Detox, please order it stat! Filled with so many golden nuggets to start fueling the skin you live in. ✨

Below is a recipe is that is her delicious health & beauty elixir. It contains a special ratio that combine the ingredients (mineral-rich greens, vitamin-packed fruit and detoxifying lemon) in the most beneficial way for the best nutrition and results.

Its packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, high quality amino acids (which build protein), and countless other phytonutrients that work synergistically to prevent and repair damage in your body and boost rejuvenation. So you look and feel your most amazing. Kimberly Snyder

You guys, I have been drinking this for 6 years and notice a huge difference in my skin, hair, nails and overall health! You will consume more greens in this one drink then most will consume in an entire week!

The BEST part is that it doesn’t taste GREEN! My husband, kids, family & friends now enjoy this as much as I!

GGS ingredients

Serves 4

7 cups chopped spinach

6 cups chopped romaine lettuce

2 cups cold filtered water (I use spring water)

1½ cups chopped celery

1 medium apple, cored & chopped

1 medium pear, cored and chopped

1 medium peeled banana

2 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon


1⁄2 cup minced fresh cilantro

1⁄2 cup minced fresh parsley

I also will add raw honey 🍯 sometimes



Fill the blender with 2 cups of water. Blend the spinach and romaine until smooth.

Add the celery, apple, pear, and herbs (if using) and blend again until smooth.

Finally, add the lemon juice and banana, and do your last blend.

Pour and enjoy!

I’d love you to circle back and tell me your thoughts!! xoxo 😘

Leadership Model….

Yesterday at church our pastor said “Take God home with you…every morning read the scripture for 5 min, pray for 5 min, listen to music for 5…”

So today I fed my spirit w that. 🙏

This morning the scripture i read was on choosing a leadership model.

God is good let me tell you. ♥️ He put a smile on my face and in my heart.

Its funny how He put the topic of leadership in my lap this morning because Steve & I have been completely blessed with the most incredible leaders and team within our community based industry! 🙌

We just came off an incredible weekend toasting with our CEO at his Miami penthouse… who happens to be the most genuine, humble & successful LEADER.. 🌟

Last night i just hosted a Cocktails & Convo with the top female leaders in our organization who poured their hearts & knowledge into likeminded women looking to make a bigger impact in life!😍

Todays scripture has really has prompted me to reflect upon myself not only as a business leader but as a parent.

I am responsible for not only BEING but FINDING good models to emulate. Not just for my future, but for this girl.

It makes me think about this little lady and how shes growing up so fast. How she mimics me. How she wants to be just like me.♥️

And it forces me to ask myself… if i were HER, would i want to follow ME as a leader? Am i a good role model?

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you reflect on yourself a parent or perhaps your in the process of looking for a circle of women to empower YOU.

🌟 Does my leaders life DESERVE a following?
🌟Does my leader HAVE a following?
🌟What is the STRENGTH that influences others to follow my leader?
🌟Does my leader reproduce other leaders?
🌟Is my models strength reproducible in my life?
🌟What steps must intake to develop & demonstrate those strengths?

Find a leader.
Find a mentor.
Find a good model.

More importantly, if your raising one, BE ONE.♥️

So what do you want to be when you grow up?

I recently asked the question, what did you want to be when you grew up? What goals & dreams did you have for yourself?

And most importantly, are you living that life? 🌟⚡

Most people who stumble upon network marketing are seeking opportunities for time freedom and a residual income, but what we receive in return is so much greater….

It’s the people, the impact, the transformation, the community, the leveling up, the friendships…

We have linked arms with teammates who are retails salespeople, military, teachers, nurses, gym owners, personal trainers, construction superintendents, stay at home mommas, couples, singles parents, grandparents, millennials..

This opportunity has the potential to literally shift your journey..

⚡Time freedom to spend with family!
⚡Incremental income!
⚡A happier & healthier lifestyle!

And a BONUS…

⚡82% of Women Who Make Over 100K a Year are through Direct Sales

If any of this resonates with your heart, mind & soul… just know, you vibe attracts your tribe…

Message me!

We are surrounded around lady bosses….

⚡15+Industry leader
⚡$7mil dollar earner
⚡Developed & mentored over 500 6figure income earners….

Ones who’s hindsight becomes your foresight, friends you want to have in your inner circle, friends that not only sees you for who you are, but for who you can become. ♥️

Never have I ever….

You guys, NEVER HAVE I EVER imagined that one day I would have the opportunity & the freedom to homeschool my daughter. EVER. 🙌

It was a dream of mine.🌟

For over 20+ years I hustled my ass, trading my time with my family for my career. Working my way to a 6figure income, for someone else.

Pouring my energy & my personal time to meet deadlines of my organization, my managers, my retail partners, my trainings, my customers, my events, my firedrills, my meetings, my travels; cancelations & delays, my traffic jams, my caseline schematics, my stock, my freelance scheduling, my storage unit, the boxes….🙈

By the time I got home, most often my energy was drained to say the least, yet who was waiting for me was what mattered most!

Yet, on MANY occasions, I’d still have more ‘office work’ that I still needed to complete!

So Id go about the evening, rushing & stressing to do dinner, homework, clean up… usually still in my work clothes up until bedtime.

I’d get the kids in bed, change and then sneak back into my office till I couldn’t anymore.

I look back on that and wish I would never have sold my personal time. It’s simply not for sale.

Through time & keeping an open mind to opportunies that have presented themselves to me, here I am now.


Living the RVlife, on an island, building a home based business, mentoring team of firecrackers, and INVESTING my time in the one who will one day become an entrepreneur herself.

Todays agenda:
Homeschool by the water…
Nature walk, phonics & reading, math & learning her currency…

Tonight’s agenda:
Mentorship with those looking for a lifestyle transformation. 🙂

Message me for deets! Xo

Who you can become…


“Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that make him sick.” Hippocrates 🙌

AHHHH! The thing is, I want to empower every fkn woman who walks this planet to be the best version of herself. In ways that you cannot even imagine!

So often we resort to comfort. Most often out of the anxiety of our fears. The unknown holding us back. Fearing change & never growing.

I often look through the lens of a new perspective… 👀 not through the hindsight of where you may have been… but foresight of what you can become based on my personal experiences and the beauty of life i see you hold in your potential.

I always refer to women, bc I know that a women who feels complete, confident, empowered and inspired is a POWERFUL mom! I believe a powerful mom raises powerful, secure children.

♥️I was that single mom.
♥️I know the struggles 1st hand.
♥️I FELT the pain.
♥️I have seen the struggles passed onto my children.
♥️I live with mom guilt.

Yet here I am… I persevered. I grew. I changed. Here I am, little ole me, living the life I DREAMED but never imagined possible…..

until I designed it.🙌

I know that’s my fire, my why, not yours. Sometimes I need to reflect and be present with myself. I know silence is power.

I know I will not change the world, but if I can IMPACT YOURS, and you pay it forward… it becomes a cycle.

Eventually the legacy will have an impact! Xo

#thoughts #nofilter #Hippocrates